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啦啦隊:最危險的運動-已眾所周知-Cheerleading: The Most Dangerous Sport

2019年11月16日 22:13
啦啦隊: 最危險的運動-危險已眾所周知 Google 翻譯: 當您想到運動損傷時,可能會想到像美式足球(橄欖球)這樣的全面接觸運動。 但是,就重傷而言,最危險的運動之一不是美式足球(橄欖球),足球或籃球,而是啦啦隊。 Cheerleading: The Most Dangerous Sport -啦啦隊: 最危險的運動 When you think of sports injuries, full contact sports like football probably come to mind. However, one of the most dangerous sports in terms of serious injury is not football, soccer, or basketball…it’s cheerleading. ... Trained coaches The lack of recognition of cheerleading as a sport has lead to a lack of qualified coaches. Often, coaching is done by a member of the school’s faculty who may not have any experience with cheerleading, or at least not some of the more physically demanding aspects of it. At a minimum, a cheerleading coach should know proper stunt technique, should always supervise practice and should be able to identify the symptoms of serious injury like concussions. ...
Cheerleading: A Major Cause of Brain Injuries Cheerleading Causes Catastrophic Injury In Young Women Most Dangerous 'Sport' of All May Be Cheerleading Two years ago, Patty Phommanyvong was a healthy 17-year-old. Now she will never walk or talk again. She was injured while cheerleading -- an athletic activity some say is now among the most dangerous for young girls. Phommanyvong had never done any gymnastics before she started cheering. After just two months, her parents say, Patty's cheering partners were throwing her as high as 16 feet in the air. Then she suffered an accident that stopped her breathing. Her parents claim that her school's defibrillator failed and the 45 minutes she went without oxygen left her with a brain injury that caused permanent paralysis. Today, Phommanyvong can only communicate by blinking. ... Cheerleading Injuries a Growing Concern
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??? 啦啦隊最基本的要求就是安全 每次做技巧一定有都安全保護 不要看了一個就認為啦隊那麼危險 任何運動都有危險的風險在 我參加啦隊那麼久做技巧還沒有掉下來不是腳掌先到地上過 防護員跟底層一定都會好好保護 沒有安全就沒有啦啦隊